Q: How does it work?

After completing our free online estimator you will receive an instant offer. If you accept the offer just fill out a simple form. We will mail you a box with a pre-paid return label and instructions. The shipping is free for you. All you need to do is place your laptop inside the box, stick the return label and drop off at any FedEx location.

Q: My Laptop is in terrible condition. Will you still buy it?

Yes we will! LTCC will offer a quote for any laptop, any condition. Fill out a quote request and let us make you an offer.

Q: Is the amount I am quoted is the amount I will receive?

You should expect to receive the exact amount that was quoted if the description you provided is accurate. If information about condition of your device is not accurate, LTCC reserve the right to renegotiate the offer.

Q: How fast I’ll receive cash for selling my laptop?

We will mail or PayPal your payment within 24 hours of receiving and verifying the condition of your laptop.

Q: What happens to the sensitive data on my hard drive?

Every hard drive we receive is fully formatted and all information is removed from your laptop

Q: I don’t know the model number of my laptop, how can I find it?

It is usually on the case bottom of your laptop, some DELL laptops have it on a palmrest.

Q: Do you buy anything other than laptops?

At this time we buy most models of LAPTOPS and TABLETS, we also buy SMARTPHONES